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Search Engine Optimization or SEO plays a vital role in digital marketing strategy. Strategic SEO service is made up of multiple elements and is very important for business growth.  Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a key element to improve website visibility. Visibility is related to your SERP ranking ensures the ranking and more visitors to your website hence increasing the opportunity that converts into customers.

seo service in Bangladesh

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the technique of increasing the visibility of your business or brand online and ranking your business website on the Search Engine Result Page which results in a huge flow of traffic to your website and increases business revenue. It is the way of bringing traffic in an organic way to your website.

seo service company in bangladesh
seo service in bangladesh

Why Does SEO Matters For Your Business?

SEO plays a remarkable role in online business growth. You may be surprised how SEO helps businesses to improve their presence online & also improve their revenue. If you think your brand doesn’t need SEO service in bangladesh then think twice and remember you may lose these benefits:

Now, you may get an idea of how important SEO is and what your business or brand will miss if you ignore SEO. Currently, you may not see a big difference but in the long run, your competitors will beat you organically and gain more business success with the help of the best Search Engine Optimization Service.

Our SEO Service

Our Search Engine Optimization service/ SEO Service in Bangladesh is result-oriented and we have a dedicated team of SEO experts in Bangladesh who are always ready to assist our clients. So what we can provide to you for a better ranking of your business?

Keyword Research & Strategy

As a dedicated SEO service provider we review the keywords of your website currently working for, take your keyword ideas and run additional keyword research to make a list that makes the most sense of your website and the competitive landscape.

Technical SEO

The ranking of any website in SERP depends on many factors. Website loading speed, crawlability, URL structure, etc matter a lot in ranking. Finding these issues and fixing them is very crucial for better ranking. Our technical SEO audit & service will help you to solve this issue.

Link Building

Authority linking is a very important factor for better ranking. We create backlinks manually and organically so that they can affect SEO for a long time. Our link-building approach is slow but steady to gain high authority links because we try to show it natural to search algorithms & it’s crucial.

Local SEO

Study shows that most of the local customers search for a business or brand online then go to a retail shop to purchase. So, it is very important to rank your local business in your community to gain those customers. Improve your local ranking with Google My Business Profile(GMB) to attract more customers for your business.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO refers to optimizing your website internally. Our on-page SEO expert implements the right keywords and strategies inside your website so that it can be easy to rank your website on the search engine result page and you can start generating your ROI.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is very important to reach your targeted goal in Search Engine Optimization. We leverage link building and social media marketing to build a strong foundation and influence your marketing generates qualified links and positive ratings.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Let’s clear it. SEO is like a marathon not like a sprint, especially when your website is new. So it depends on the overall site’s health, content, the position of your competition, and your willingness to generate new quality content. In our years of experience, we saw results within a month or sometimes we had to wait for several months before seeing the progress.

Sorry, We can’t answer this question. Basically, no one can say you the exact time when you will be on top of SERP. There are so many criteria that work to come in top of google. But we’ll select keywords we think are ideal for your website and business and try to influence search engines so hard that your website comes up in the searches.

Yes, we use only white hat SEO tactics that are approved and recommended by popular search engines like google, bing, etc.

Of course, you need. We can optimize your website to let the search engines know what your pages are about but adding new quality content on regular basis will help a lot for better ranking and driving more traffic to your business website.

In short, yes you need. Backlinks are important for ranking but not all backlinks. High authority and quality backlinks will help a lot to get ranked but unauthorized and spammy backlinks will hamper your ranking and your website may be penalized. Remember one thing backlink should be created in a manual and natural way so that your website should not be penalized.

Sorry, Currently we are only providing full SEO service for WordPress websites, and for other CMS we are providing specific tasks of SEO. To know details feel free to contact us.