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After launching your business website you may complete technical SEO, On-page SEO and think that you will get ranked very soon. But wait a minute. There are so many other factors except the task you have already done. Link building is one of the most important tasks you should take into account to rank your website on SERP. Our Link Building service will allow you to get high-quality backlinks to build your online authority.

link building service in bangladesh

Why Link Building matters in Ranking?

Link building is one of the most crucial parts of search engine optimization. Not only link building it should be quality and authoritative link building. So what actually link building is?

Link building is an SEO technique for promoting websites to secure backlinks from authoritative referring domains. These links or backlinks send very important signals to search engines that the content of your website is reliable and informative. Based on these signals search engines understand the reliability and importance of your website and it increases the chance of showing your website on SERP. Not only this, it also helps users to navigate between pages on the internet to fulfill the necessity of their required information.

Best Link Building Service in Bangladesh
Link Building Service

Why Authority Backlinks is important in Link Building?

Before answering this question first let’s help you to know what an authority backlink is? Based on the overall site quality a score is given by different Search engines. For example, Moz provides a score between 1-100 which is considered as DA(Domain Authority) & PA(Page Authority) of a website. The highest the score the best the website is. Websites with high DA have a chance to get ranked faster.

It means that if you’re a high referencing domain from high DA, this will pass a valuable link juice to your website and it will boost your ranking. On the other hand, a lower DA website may affect much on your website.

So, while building links for your website you should care about the authority of the website from where you are taking backlinks. There are so many techniques for getting backlinks but to get quality backlinks you should rely on some specific tactics. Our SEO link-building service will help you to get high authority backlinks and help to rank your website on SERP.

Our SEO Link Building Service

As one of the best SEO and link-building service provider, we use website standard and search engine-guided techniques. We ensure a useful and safe environment in link building for both customers and businesses. There are two types of link-building techniques one is a white hat or a good one and another is a black hat or a bad one. We always use white hat techniques to build quality backlinks for our clients.

As black hat violates search engine guide and hampers your website we always avoid it for a long-term ranking of your website on search engine result page.  So, add white hat link-building strategies to your SEO efforts and boost your site’s indexability and build better brand recognition.

As a link building service provider, we ensure from foundation backlinks to advanced link-building strategies so that your website gets ranked on SERP. What do we provide?

Keyword Analysis/Strategy

Targeted keywords are used as anchor texts in link-building techniques. Our link-building specialist performs very extensive keyword research & develop a strategy for selected keyword to avoid over-optimization and get quality backlinks for your website.

Competitor Analysis

Our in-depth competitor analysis helps us to know, from where your competitors are getting backlinks and give us an opportunity to get a backlink from there. It also understands from which type of website we need backlinks to compete with your competitors.

Backlink Audit

A healthy backlink profile is very important to rank and drive traffic to the targeted website. We run an in-depth backlink audit to identify the potentially dangerous backlinks that can penalize your website. We remove those backlinks from your link profile and try to find valuable backlinks that will boost your website ranking.

Guest Post

Guest post is a part of a powerful link-building strategy and can not be ignored anyway. We collaborate with webmasters, bloggers, and publishers to identify your targeted market and create unique, engaging, and informative content. We make sure to submit guest posts on the website that have potential to your targeted audiences and boost your ranking.

Broken Link Recovery

Broken link building is another strategy. In this technique, we find links that are not working or link to 404 pages and replace it with your targeted web pages. We find relevant websites with broken links and develop content that matches the linked sources and reach out to the publication.

Press Release (PR)

Enhance your brand message with the best link-building service. We create informative and high linkable assets to promote your business or brand across the digital platforms. We create a content roadmap and collaborate with influencers, and digital media and develop your key messages to get your content in front of the right audience.

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